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4 de septiembre de 2015


If your English level is high, why don't you get ready for the C1 Advanced Certificate?

Our groups come to class to work hard but they also enjoy the lessons and have fun, as our qualified teachers know how to both things at the same time.

This advanced level is a very challenging option for those of you who want more and want to be different for the rest and of curse, get a better job being promoted in your companies.

Small groups Maximum 10 students / class.

If you come 2 hours/week the price is....... just 49Eur/month!!!!!! The same as a beginner level!!!!  We believe that having a higher level doesn't have to be more expensive. Not all the teachers are prepared to teach English at this level.We know that in some other centres these advanced levels are much more expensive, as the classes need much more preparation for the teachers, but we proud ourselves to have the best teachers with already a lot of experience teaching these high levels.


Queremos ayudarte. Ponte en contacto a través de nuestro formulario o teléfono y podremos hablar sobre nuestros cursos, lo que ofrecemos  y cualquier otra duda que tengas.